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Image Credit - Joe Rindl

“It makes you feel helpless; violated in a way” Salford’s crime victims speak out

“It makes you feel helpless; violated in a way.” Dom Taylor’s house was broken into last year; he is one […]

ILLUSTRATION - A man uses a hammer and a screwdriver to break a window open during a burglary in Freiburg, Germany, 29 October 2015. Police presented their 'Precobs' prediction software on 30 October 2015, which was designed to combat burglary and will now be put to the test. Photo: Patrick Seeger/dpa

‘Alarm, locks and lights’ GMP’s advice to avoid burglary at Christmas

Greater Manchester Police have issued the residents of Greater Manchester and Salford with advice on how best to avoid being a target of burglary at Christmas. 

Salford crime rises to the highest average in Greater Manchester

CRIME in Salford has increased by 61%, which is the highest average rise in the Greater Manchester area. Salford attracts […]