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Dogs are left abandoned after being purchased as a Christmas gift

Branded as barbaric by veterinary techs and critics, an investigation by the BBC has uncovered the process of ‘dog mutilation’, […]

Yasmin with her dog, Tilly. Permission to use by Yasmin Tenk

“I think that people set them off to cause trouble, not because they’re pretty” – The fight to ban fireworks in Salford

Yasmin Tenk, who recently graduated from the university of Salford, is one of the residents who are petitioning against the private […]

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“There’s so much racket, it’s very stressful and upsetting for them” The fear Bonfire Night causes for our pets

With Bonfire Night returning this Friday our furry companions could be in serious distress over the next couple of days. […]

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“I think the swimming just gives her that extra bit” – Why a Salford assistant dog is always eager to go swimming

An assistant dog has visited the same animal clinic in Irlam for the last five years to do hydrotherapy. Emma […]

Credit:  Barbara Langley

“Man’s best friend” has to adapt to old routine as owners return to work

A Salford psychology lecturer has urged dog owners to heed warnings that their pets may find the end of lockdown […]

Lillypup (Credit: Carol Byrne)

“We’re about to face the biggest rescue crisis ever” – The impact of the lockdown puppy surge

Salford animal charity Dogs4Rescue has warned that they are “about to face the biggest rescue crisis ever”, following the surge […]

“All they want is love” Salford residents foster dogs in need

More Salford pet lovers are being signed up during the pandemic to foster dogs in need. Intensive care nurse Ashley […]

Photograph of Sharon Hooley and Emily.

Woman begs neighbours to stop fireworks displays over fears for her dog

A Salford woman has begged neighbours to stop setting off fireworks, after daily bursts left her locked at home fearing […]