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Will displaying ‘exercise calories’ on food packaging tackle obesity in Salford?

New research has shown that displaying how much exercise people need to do in order to burn off calories, could […]

Photo taken by Zak Rafael

Salford fitness group helping to tackle obesity and mental health crisis

A fitness group in Salford, U-First Fitness society is changing the lives of its members with its community led approach to tackling obesity.

Warming up in a training session with Parks and Pathways Nordic Walking group.

“I knew it would benefit the people of Salford” – how Nordic walking is helping the city get fitter

Salford might not be the most obvious place for a hike if you’re keen to try Nordic walking – but Susan Spain is on a mission to change that perception.

“It’s good to have that break”: Students encouraged to exercise to reduce stress

AS the assessment period begins, students are being reminded of the benefits of the “happy chemicals” released during exercise to […]

Age UK Promotes Getting Active with Salford Heritage Health Walk

Age UK welcomes its Salford Heritage Health Walk to the public and recognises its contribution by volunteers. In December, many […]

Manchester’s fitness fanatics take on the “UK’s toughest workout” at Armour Camp

OVER 300 fitness fanatics were challenged to the “UK’s toughest workout” at Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse this weekend. Armour Camp, a 45-minute workout led […]

FEATURE: Ideas on how not to put on three stone in your three years of Uni

EVERYONE knows students bemoan the chore of cooking at university and panic about the extra pounds they may add. Quays […]