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Credit: Salford Litter Heroes and Danielle Wright

“People are just dumping” Salford Litter Heroes founder on lockdown littering

Local litter-pickers have taken to the streets during lockdown. Some Salfordians, including members of Salford Litter Heroes, have been using […]

Google Maps image, Mocha Parade fly-tipping hot spot

Surge in fly-tipping follows Salford tip closures

Fly-tipping culprits were exposed around the Blackfriars area last week by a group leader from Salford Litter Heroes. Salford Litter […]

Danielle White and the rest of the Litter Heroes look to make Salford cleaner, and help a good cause in the process.

Local campaigner aims to clean Salford’s streets and raise money for MIND

A member of the Salford Litter Heroes has organised a fundraiser to help support mental health, whilst also keeping Salford […]

Worsley Wombles, Lennox and Logan

“If we all did this, we wouldn’t have a problem” – ‘Worsley Wombles’ brothers’ litter clean-up

A Worsley family have taken it upon themselves to tackle Salford’s littering problem in their home town, coining themselves the […]

Local Councillor speaks on the severe litter problem in Salford

Local Councillor speaks on the severe litter problem in Salford

A Salford Councillor has spoken out against the severe litter problem rising in New Moss Wood. Councillor Lewis Nelson has […]

Copyright: Georgina Gilbert

“It’s never been this bad” – Angry residents complain of overflowing bins and missed collections

Langworthy residents have reached their tipping point over the state of bins in their streets which have not been emptied […]

Litter overflowing in Salford Image captured by Ben Redman

Ecobricks are creative way to reduce litter, says campaigner

Anti-litter campaigner Danielle Wright is calling on Salford recyclers to make ‘ecobricks’ as a creative way to reduce plastic waste ending […]

Cadishead Park. Photograph taken by Lily Harris.

Litter in Cadishead Park ‘one of the worst’ in the area

Residents local to Cadishead Park have found a significant increase in the amount of litter including broken glass and discarded […]

Salford Litter Heroes tackle Salford’s litter problem

Salford Litter Heroes tackle Salford’s litter problem

On Wednesday 16 March, Salford Litter Heroes took on the challenge of clearing litter from Lower Broughton Road and the surrounding streets.