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General view of the match. Image credit: PA Images.

A HISTORIC DAY: When Salford City booked their place at Wembley for the first time

Just over twelve months ago, Salford City set up a date at Wembley Stadium for the first time in their […]

New Bailey Prison. treadmill punishment. Image safe for use under CC BY 4.0.

On this day: 1824 treadmill punishment introduced in Salford Prison

On this day in 1824 the treadmill punishment was introduced at New Bailey Prison Salford. Treadmill punishment also known as […]

Swinton Lions 1800

ON THIS DAY: Swinton Lions and Salford Red Devils met for the first time in 1880

Exactly 138 years to this day, on the 4th December 1800, Swinton Lions met Salford Red Devils for the very first time, defeating them two nil.