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A petition to Kick IGas fracking in Chat Moss

Labour candidate for Salford City Council has started a petition against IGas to stop Coal Bed Methane extraction in Chat Moss.

Thousands of Salford residents sign petition against building houses on Buile Hill Park

OVER 1,500 people have signed a park petition to stop houses being built on a Grade II listed public park […]

Salford domestic abuse victims “still at risk” of hidden GP fees

MANCHESTER WOMEN’S AID claims that victims of domestic abuse in Salford are being forced to fork out costly GP fees […]

Man who saved two children from blaze in Manchester faces deportation

Former Withington MP and the city’s sole opposition councillor, John Leech has urged the government with a petition to prevent […]

Green Belt threatened to be moved from Manchester areas

PETITIONERS have rallied against the initial proposal of building houses on protected grounds, on moving the green belt from Flixton. […]

Manchester City Council backs ‘Scrap the Fee’ campaign to help domestic violence victims

MANCHESTER City Council unanimously supported the motion of Councillor Sarah Judge on ‘Scrap the Fee’ campaign on 30 November, to make […]