JESS Glynne performed at Parklife 2015 yesterday (June 7), our entertainment reporter Nathan Salt was there to watch her

“I have tears in my eyes…”

That was the message in her post Parklife tweet as the red headed powerhouse struggled to comprehend the scale of the crowd that had gathered to witness her performance on the Sunday Main Stage. There were fears that Glynne may pull out of Parklife having been given medical advice to rest just over a week ago but she showed no signs of weakness or vocal fatigue during her seven song set (she certainly maximised her allocated 25 minute slot!).

The R’n’B songstress opened with a debut album track entitled ‘Ain’t got far to go’which was typical of her style and despite not being one of the more well known tracks the crowd were instantly absorbing her on-stage energy. It cannot be stressed how effective singing with a smile can be on a crowd. The sun was out and Glynne, despite playing her third show of the weekend after Brighton’s Wildlife festival and Capital FM’s Summertime Ball, appeared to be in the party mood with a huge grin washed across her face throughout her time on stage. It was impossible not to have fun along with her…

With so many great chart successes in her rapidly expanding repertoire it could be argued that the order was irrelevant as she followed up her opener with her two famous collaborations with Cambridge University graduates Clean Bandit in the form of ‘Real Love’ and ‘Rather Be’- the latter is just one of three number one tracks to her name. Her debut solo single produced by Gorgon City, ‘Right Here’, also featured amongst the elect seven and was the perfect opportunity for a sing along with the majority of the crowd familiar. It is strange to think that here was an artist with so many records that didn’t make the cut and yet fans are still awaiting a debut album. Not only is this refreshing for the industry it is staggering just how much potential Glynne possesses.

Jess Glynne second image“Is my hair just one giant ginger frizz ball right now?”

Every minute was used effectively as she was able to balance lighthearted conversation with her tightly packed set of songs. The 24-year old addressed the untamed hair issue with the wind gradually picking up mid-way through her set before announcing that “I thought barely anyone would be here!” A year ago she was certain that only a quarter of those who showed up yesterday would have taken note of her and that is testament to her growing artist profile. People were not simply turning up as a time filler – Glynne was one of the day’s star attractions (even if she refuses to believe it!)

The singer who originates from North London gave those in attendance a special rendition of her next single called ‘Don’t be so hard on yourself’ which left many on Twitter green with envy at those  with tickets inside Heaton Park. A finale of my personal favourite summer track ‘Hold my hand’- another of her number one tracks – had fans craving more of her unique tone; Glynne is an artist who has a lasting effect after a live show. A staggering vocal coupled with the catchiness of the electronic beats makes her a major force to be reckoned with.

I, like many around me, didn’t realise that this was Glynne’s first time playing Parklife and one thing was certain as fans petered away after her stage exit: it will be the first of many appearances at the festival. A sassiness, a swagger, a style that oozed energy and fun, Glynne is one of the biggest breakthrough vocalists in the past few years. It is a far cry away from the world of hairdressing that was something very familiar to Glynne less than five years ago. With a new album ‘I Cry When I Laugh’ released on August 14, it would be no surprise to see that – like ‘Hold My Hand’- shoot straight to the top…


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