HIGHLY anticipated five-piece EofE, are due to release their debut album tomorrow, Quays News entertainment reporter Nathan Smith’s had a listen…

Linked to bands such as ‘You Me At Six’ and ‘Mallory Knox’, Black Country five piece EofE’s debut album storms onto the rock scene as your new favourite band creates an instant impression.

Speaking to lead guitarist Dan Bremner recently, he reveals excitement about publishing the album and truly establishing the bands sound, and what they are about. Describing the sound of EofE as “modern melodic rock” the five-piece cannonball themselves into hard-hitting rockers fully capable of injecting a crowd with punchy guitar riffs sure to create some memorable mosh-pits.

Taking over a year and a half to produce the album, plus the addition of rhythm guitarist/vocals Reece Luke, the band have been on quite the journey. Touring with pop groups such as McBusted and the Vamps, EofE have taken the time to do their research on how to get a crowd truly captivated in the music and performance. To add to their achievements, they also played a widely accepted performance at this years Download festival, which Dan described adding the biggest rock festival on the bands resumé as “incredible”.

The album features hit tracks ‘Get Caught’ and ‘Wake Up’, which demonstrate the wide range of talents that the band has. Showcasing the energetic in-your-face style of the band, further shown through lead vocalist Tom Harris’s vocals and not just the usual I’m-mad-at-you-mum shouting.

Speaking to Dan, he admitted personal favouritism towards tracks ‘Ruins’ and ‘Save the Night’, describing them as ‘Good for crowd participation, they’re going to go down really well live’. Listening to the album, it’s easy to imagine crowds both going crazy and swaying throughout various tracks including the positively chanty track ‘Only Get Better’.

Do not however; be thinking that this is simply 11 tracks of just overdriven guitars. It is, but also so much more. Standout track ‘Bridges’ shows a lyrically strong track packing an emotional punch leading to an almost acappella chorus of “you’re bridges fall down because I’m the one you’re walking on, and I’m standing in the crowd…” contrasting with the uppercut of the raucous guitars driving home the brilliance of delivery in the tracks raunchiness. Cleverly demonstrating the bands knowledge of not just thrashing out on guitars but actually writing a brilliant rock song.

Overall EofE’s debut album is definitely one to look out for as they firmly plant their roots as Britain’s biggest upcoming rock band. Hit tracks ‘Get Caught’ and ‘Wake Up’ carry the album with its catchy choruses whilst tracks like ‘Bridges’ and ‘Ruins’ provide audiences with hard-hitting overdriven rock tracks beautifully fusioned with meaningful lyrics that serve a purpose in the overall culmination of the sound the five piece have worked so hard to establish. Your new favourite band can definitely, only get better.

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