LAST Night (October 10) Lee Nelson swapped his tracksuit for a tuxedo as his “Suited & Booted Tour” came to The Lowry in Salford; Quays News reporter, Will Whitby, went down for the laughs…

Known by many for his show “Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show” the comedian, real name Simon Brodkin, saw himself writing his own character sketch show for BBC Three. Characters like the comedic title chav Lee Nelson, clumsy Dr Bob and cliché footballer Jason Bent saw the show win Brodkin numerous comedy awards.

Essentially Nelson, a former doctor who studied in Manchester, is a very intelligent man doing relatively & seemingly unintelligent comedy but in real fact his act is difficult to execute without making himself look overly foolish.

Lee Nelson has become particularly notable for his high risk and high profile public pranks, particularly surrounding football. His troublesome footballer alter-ego, Jason Bent, attempted to board the England team plane on their departure to the Brazil World Cup and invaded the pitch during the warm up at Manchester City vs Everton at Goodison Park. Most notably he invaded a FIFA press conference in Zurich and threw piles of money over controversial FIFA president, Sepp Blatter. He even invaded the stage with Kanye West at his headlining set at Glastonbury!

He entered the stage suited and booted with a high collared shirt and smooth hair cut to raucous applause. Claiming it’s good to be back after spending time in a Swiss jail, a dig at his prank at the FIFA press conference. Also he took a dig at the rugby which was on in Manchester, causing traffic problems which resulted in a delayed start to the show.

Lad comedy is definitely Nelson’s niche and although it is considered by some as loutish and unintelligent there is still fine comedic art of executing it without appearing insulting and stupid. With the rise of lad culture back into the UK mainstream Lee Nelson is flourishing with an increased rise in audience and publicity. Ditching his classic chav attire and suiting up Nelson is refining his acts from over five years of playing the razor sharp witted layabout and pushing the boundaries of comedy precariously to the edge.

As expected Nelson is quick to slam down any hecklers at the show and thrives off the interaction with the audience and vice versa. Not insulting the audience but certainly cutting them down a few levels, Nelson has certainly mastered the art of fearlessly controlling the hecklers and how to use them to his and the acts gain.

The Lowry’s Quay Theatre is a gem within Manchester live entertainment venues too. Plush red seats and three floored stalls it really makes the most of the small space that it takes. At full shows like this one the atmosphere is friendly but if the act doesn’t get received so well, the room could turn into a real hostile bear pit.

The shoe was universally enjoyable comedy that attracted a mixed crowd of young and old. So varied to the point where he found the oldest and youngest members of the audience 76 and 15 respectively and got them to swap advice.

Although at times the jokes were predictable and at times similar to jokes that Nelson had made in previous shows the cheeky banter he had with the audience made up for it.

Some  might not like or understand Lee Nelson’s comedy but after a packed, stellar, sold out show tonight it looks like he’s firmly here to stay.

To use his famous catchphrase tonight’s show was… qualityyyyy.

By: Will Whitby

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