COMPLETING their last show date on their UK tour in Manchester on the October 13, Heyrocco chatted to our Quays News entertainment reporter Abi White about their debut album, ‘Teenage Movie Soundtrack’, what they’ve been up to in 2015 and about their favourite show in a dog park…

Heyrocco, made up of Nate Merli, singer and guitarist, bassist Chris Cool and drummer Tanner Cooper, are the South Carolina trio who have spiced up the current scene of young bands over the last few years. Gracing our ears to the sweet sounding grunge of ‘Mom Jeans’ and recently released ‘Teenage Movie Soundtrack’, a soundtrack the band ‘started writing back in high school, so it’s kinda the old album now’.

Chris also continued that ‘Nate’s the poet’ and generally writes the songs. Merli commented that he gets the inspiration for the songs from ‘stories, characters and places, but we all write our own parts.’

“I think names are everything to a song, they can either be kinda jokey that gives a song a certain tone, or kinda serious or whatever,” explained frontman Merli.

Cool then tells us that sometimes ‘if we have a new song were playing we sometimes just have to think of a name for the setlist and that’s how some of our songs get their names, sometimes it changes sometimes it never does.’

With a young band sounding so refined at the start of their career, Merli requested that he answered who influenced their grunge sound, listing ‘Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Pavement, Led Zeplin, The Cure, Local Age, The Doors’ before Cooper piped up ‘did we mention Jimi Hendrix?!’

Asking if the band had a busy summer, Cooper added that it had been ‘probably the least busiest part of the year – more of an influential summer with lots of experiences,’ but Merli claimed he had had a busy summer ‘finding himself’ and ‘soul searching.’

However, despite having a quiet summer, the band still managed to cover a handful of small festivals, from Moontower festival in Kentucky, which ‘was the sh*t,’ and Reaperbahn festival in Germany which was ‘a couple of weeks ago and pretty cool’. The band also commented that they had performed at a festival in a dog park in the US, which was ‘the highlight of our career’ and their ‘favourite festival so far.’

Having enjoyed their UK tour, which began on the  September 30 in London, Heyrocco explained that during the tour ‘Scotland was great and we liked Brighton a lot.’ The band explained that next year they ‘want to move to Brighton,’ as it has similarities to Charelston, with ‘with a pier and a Ferris wheel’. Their plans for next year also include ‘to keep putting music out and having fun’ and ‘play download festival.’ Cooper explained they ‘want to play some heavy sh*t’ and they were ‘sick of seeing indie bullsh*t with their high-ass guitars.’

Asking if this meant their sound would be changing within the next year, Cooper continued that ‘indie and hipster stuff is out and metal is in.’ Merli explained that ‘our music is getting heavier and angrier, but not us as people, were actually really at peace with everything.’

The band then finally went on to give advice to new bands starting out, saying ‘it’s important to love each other’ and then adding, ‘but it’s also important to love yourself and try your best…’

And when talking about bands, Cooper insisted this was ‘written down and published’… Merli: ‘I love Imagine Dragons!’

By: Abi White

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