The Global brand that is World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) brought its flagship show ‘Monday Night Raw’ to the Manchester Arena tonight, and the show, as always, didn’t disappoint. Here is a review on tonight’s show, along with their warm-up pre show, Superstars by Quays News reporter Daniel Willis.

WWE Superstars

Fandango Def Bo Dallas
Fast paced start to the night with Fandango getting a huge ovation from the crowd. Bo Dallas played up his overbearing cheesy villain character to perfection, and got the crowd booing him throughout. Fandango hits a flying leg drop from the top rope to get the 3-count.

Ryback and The Dudley Boyz Def Stardust and The Ascension
No surprise here. Dudley Boyz received a massive reaction when they made their entrance, whereas Ryback received a mixed reaction from the crowd. Stardust and The Ascension got in a few moves however a 3D finisher from the Dudley’s gets the victory for their team.


Triple H and Roman Reigns Promo
The main show kicks off with a bang when Triple H, the COO of the company makes his way to the ring. He announces that there will be a tournament to decide who the new WWE champion will be after Seth Rollins vacated it through injury, and that tournament will start tonight. He introduces Roman Reigns, who get’s booed viciously by the Manchester faithful. Reigns is offered the chance to join The Authority but refuses, leading to Triple H to turn on him. He announces he will be competing next and Triple H leaves the ring.

Roman Reigns Def Big Show
The reaction by the fans was evident from the get go – they weren’t interested. Both superstars were booed by the fans, and never really managed to connect with the audience. After Big Show lays some offence in, Reigns turns it around and hits a Superman Punch to Big Show, and then finishes the match with a spear. Reigns is through to the second round of the WWE Championship tournament.

Kevin Owens Def Titus O Neill
Owens makes his way to the ring and talks trash to the audience, telling Manchester their fans were stupid, and some of the worst in the world. The match begins with both wrestlers getting in equal offence, however after Owens reversed Titus’ move he hit the pop-up powerbomb for the victory, and to join Roman Reigns in the second round of the tournament.

Becky Lynch Def Paige
Paige cuts a promo before the match criticising her former best friends, Becky and Charlotte. Both make their way to the ring and the match begins, with Paige getting the early offence. Quite a dull match with nothing really much to comment on, until Becky rolled Paige up to pick up the win. After the match, Paige attacked Lynch and put her in the Scorpion Death Lock, only for Charlotte to make her way down to break it up, as Paige hightailed it off the stage.

Dolph Ziggler Def The Miz
The third qualifying match for the WWE Championship tournament again, didn’t really have that much to offer. Both Ziggler and Miz traded blows and Miz went after Ziggler’s injured leg, however Ziggler hit the superkick on Miz to move into the next round of the tournament.

Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter Promo
Colter and Del Rio both come out onto the stage, to a chorus of boos. Their plans to combine Mexico and America to make ‘Mex-America’ are once again referred to. Colter comes out with the usual shtick of why British people are dumb and uneducated, this makes him ever more unpopular with the rowdy audience. Colter announces Del Rio will fight Stardust on Smackdown, and that Del Rio will become the new WWE champion.

Natalya Def Naomi
Not one of the strongest bouts of the night. Both Natalya and Naomi were drowned out by the fans chanting ‘We Want Sasha’ referring to Naomi’s teammate, Sasha Banks. However it wasn’t till Naomi lost that Sasha made her presence felt, this segment ender with Naomi, Sasha and Tamina standing tall over Natalya.

Cesaro Def Sheamus
If there was a contender for match of the night, this would definitely win it. Before the match had even started, Sheamus’ friend ‘King Barrett’ started taunting Manchester United player Wayne Rooney, who was in attendance. He told him he wouldn’t want Rooney’s son to watch him fail, as he does that everytime he’s on the football field. A fast paced match ensued between Cesaro and Sheamus and after some great back and forth action, the distraction of Rooney slapping Barrett caused Sheamus to lose his concentration and Cesaro picked up the victory to move onto the next round.

Dean Ambrose Def Tyler Breeze
The last qualifying bout of the night, this match was over fairly quickly. Before the match began Breeze started insulting Ambrose’s appearance, however Ambrose got the last laugh as he rolled up Breeze to pick up the victory and move onto the next round.

The New Day Def Neville And The Usos
The New Day received one of the biggest pops, if not the biggest pop of the night when they made their entrance. These guys have become so immensely popular with the WWE Universe. They then used this momentum to go on and beat Neville and The Usos, after Xavier Woods rolled up Neville for the win.

Bray Wyatt Promo – Main Event
What a way to end a show. Bray Wyatt claimed ‘it was the end’ of the Undertaker and Kane’s legacies in the WWE, and stated it was now his time, and the WWE was his. He was interrupted before he could finish his speech by The Brothers of Destruction, Kane and Undertaker. This was quite possibly the most insane reaction ever seen from a WWE crowd. This then lead to them fighting with Wyatt and his family, before eventually getting the upperhand, and leaving the Wyatt’s knocked out in the ring. Taker and Kane walk up the ramp to the sound of Taker’s music.

By: Dan Willis

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