MOLOTOV Jukebox kicked off their six-night tour across the UK on Thursday in Birmingham, and last night made their way up north to the Deaf Institute in Manchester to perform in front of a passionate sell-out crowd. Quays News entertainment reporter Daniel Willis was there for us…

Kicking off the night was the support act, The Church. The American five-piece got the night started with their upbeat hit ‘Are You Ready For A Miracle’ which got fans off their seats and onto the stage. The opening half of their set comprised mainly of covers, with Dee Dee Sharp’s ‘Mashed Potato Time’ and Coolio’s ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ two of the favourites, receiving a raucous reaction from the crowd.

For a support act, The Church gave an outstanding performance.

Their interaction with the audience saw them invite three random members of the crowd onto the stage to confess their sins to The Church to see whether they would go to heaven or hell.

Unfortunately for the woman who decided it was a good idea to tell the band she had opened a company inside a brothel, she was sent straight to hell.

The band finished off with renditions of Outkast’s 2000s hit ‘Hey Ya’ and finally ‘Praise You’ which was made famous by Fatboy Slim. For a band that received very little build-up prior to the tour, The Church put on a great show, warming up the crowd for the headline act, Molotov Jukebox.

Molotov Jukebox made their way out onto the stage to an incredible reception from their legions of committed followers. The fact that the event sold out was enough to suggest how popular the band has become in recent times.

They opened their set with the popular hit ‘Trying’ which originated from their 2012 album Bang – one of the band’s earlier albums. This was then followed by ‘Give It A Go’ another huge hit from the Bang album. Following up their more well-known hits, lead singer Natalia Tena announced that Manchester would be a tester audience for their new material from their newest album, Tropical Gypsy – which received a huge reaction from the Manchester faithful.

As Molotov Jukebox reached the halfway point in their set they played ‘Don’t Panic’, another favourite from one of their most acclaimed albums to date, Bang. The group have made themselves known as a ‘genre-avoiding’ band, refusing to be limited to just one sound – this way made quite evident by the choice of instruments used by the band, with lead singer Tena on an accordion and other lead head Sam Apley playing the violin.

The band truly produces a sound which is unique to the ever-eclectic music industry.

The second-half of their set saw a couple more of their new songs from Tropical Gypsy tested out on the crowd, and the audience completely ate it all up. The longer standing fans were in for a treat when the band played ‘Double Dare’, a song from their first album, Double Dare – which they first released back in 2011.

The set was finished off in style, Molotov Jukebox played their biggest and probably most well-known track to date, ‘Don’t Panic’ much to the delight of the euphoric crowd. Every track in the set had a real party feel to it, bringing something different to to the stage each time.

Until next time Molotov Jukebox…

By Daniel Willis

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