SALFORD City Council are the only local authority in Greater Manchester to provide the living wage of £8.25 to their staff.

Prior to the living wage rise in November of this year Bolton Council, Stockport Council, Tameside Council, Rochdale and Oldham council all paid their staff the living wage of £7.85.

However since its rise to £8.25 none of the above local authorities have met the new hourly rate.

Salford City Councillor and mayoral candidate for the Conservative party Robin Garrido said:

“I think it (the living wage) is super important, our council employees do a good job, they work hard for the council and that means of course they work hard for the citizens of Salford.

“Just working on last years figures, at £7.85 you take somebody working for a salary of somewhere around £13,500 per year they are going to be a thousand pounds better off.”

Minimum rate of pay

Tom Skinner, co-ordinator at the Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign, said:

“I would say they (Greater Manchester councils) do have a responsibility (to pay the living wage), they are hugely important leaders in their localities, economies and in the lives of hundreds often thousands of their workers who are paid very low wages.

“They do have a responsibility to their residents, to their workers, to tackle what is one of the biggest growing problems in British society today.”

A Spokesperson for Oldham Council said:

“Back in April we implemented a new £7.86 minimum hourly rate – the then National Living Wage rate.

“A decision has yet to be made on whether we will be paying the new rate of £8.25, but we are in the process of enforcing this next year.”

By Philip Ghayour

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