FORMER media production student, Tom Harvey, has taken his broadcasting skills to Salford-based improvement science centre, Haelo.

Haelo’s mission is to improve the deliverance of health and care services through supporting partners such as Salford Royal and Salford City Council.

Through the power of technology, Mr Harvey believes that he is helping to make a difference by publishing content from patient stories to educational films.

“At first, I was shocked at the lack of use of film and digital techniques within the health sector. There was only a handful of people born post 1980 – which means it’s less likely there’s people as in-tune with the use of digital platforms.”

Tom was recently asked to attend the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, and was asked to speak to a room of 5,500 people about Haelo’s pursuit.

After being called to the stage by Dr Helen Bevan, Chief Transformation Officer of the NHS, he described the experience as ‘an incredible day – I had to take the opportunity!’

He said: “I came back inspired by the work that can be done with film and digital. By spreading, influencing and of course improving, health and healthcare.”

He regards film as the most powerful way of communicating a message, but doesn’t want to be recognised as just ‘the media guy’.

“Salford is my home – I care about its residents and wanted to do something that would have a beneficial impact on the community.”

Alongside several partners including Alzheimers UK and Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Haelo has recently helped to launch ‘Dementia United’, a campaign to make Salford the best place in the world to receive dementia care.

With the use of multimedia, this no longer seems out of reach.

“I feel proud working for Haelo because what we do is changing lives for the better. To have a job that marries my love for media with my care for people is the biggest game changer I’ve ever had.”

All of Haelo’s material is published on YouTube and Vimeo.

By: Eleni Wrigglesworth

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