The head teacher of Harrop Fold High School, featured on Channel 4’s hit show Educating Greater Manchester, has announced his resignation from the job.

Drew Povey used Twitter to announce his decision, stating that he can “no longer sit quietly under the threat of ‘you cannot comment or you will breach your code of conduct’” as he takes a stand against the school.

Mr Povey had previously been suspended after an issue with ‘student coding’, the process by which pupils’ status and development is recorded. He remains suspended and under investigation regarding the incident, however he feels there is a “personal vendetta” against him.

The former head teacher released a four page statement along with the tweet, explain his decision to leave the school, despite previous success.

“It is with a heavy heart that I am writing to tender my resignation as executive head of Harrop Fold School with immediate effect.

“Despite the alleged need for swift action to be taken earlier in the year, the investigation process  itself has been allowed to drag on, causing damage to the reputation of the school and me personally. Parents  and pupils are unsettled, and the media are speculating as to what has gone on that is so serious to warrant my suspension and that of three other members of staff.

“I am at a loss to understand the “heavy handed” approach adopted by the council , which appears to have completely ignored the best interests of the students, staff and school.”

Despite his clear frustrations with both the school and the council over the poor handling of his suspension, Mr Povey has remained professional, even offering to help the school through the transitional stage following his departure.

“Whilst i will no longer be executive head, I would like to formally offer my time on a completely pro-bono basis to support the school for one or two days a week over the coming school year, with a view to providing a stable hand during this time of transition.”

The former headteacher ends the statement by thanking the governing body for the support he has received through this difficult time, as well as confirming his belief in the students and community of the school.

Local residents along with fans of the Channel 4 show reacted to Mr Povey’s tweet, offering their support.

Beth Nunn works in education in Manchester and expressed her love for working with the Harrop Fold students.

The school and council have yet to comment. We will have more on this story as it develops.


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