This Wednesday will see the return of the Save our Neighbourhood picketers to the Salford Civic Centre, fighting against construction and congestion conditions in their area.

This will be the group’s second protest following the three weeks of disruption they have faced, with up to 40 lorries and trucks a day coming through their single access road, forcing residents to park on curbs to avoid damage to their vehicles.

Residents explained to us that they are no longer allowed to park on the road, in order to allow for worker access, and now have started being warned by police that they are unable to park on the pathway without being fined.

Janine McDonald, secretary of the group, said; “They want to build the 241 homes, single access, we’ve got 40 trucks a day what effectively is a single track road. There are cracks appearing in the road, there’s dirt all over, there’s cutting corners, the councils have just washed their hands once they’ve made the decision.”

“The land at the back of the houses on Thorn Road has just been decimated. There’s been wildlife, there’s been deer there that keep returning. The council isn’t interested.”

Due to the sharp turning residents fear for children traveling on their way to school areas due to the speed of truck drivers, who start their day at the site as early as 6am.

Carol Boyce, chair of Saving Our Neighborhood, said: “We have been defending this land for decades, however, the planning panel here approved a Bellway planning application which was vehemently objected against by residents.

“In my opinion, they had already made a decision before even the first planning meeting.”


Thorn Road packed with worker trucks. Credit: Janine McDonald

A total of 339 residents objected to a planning application by Bellway Homes to build the 241 houses on Campbell Road Fields in Swinton, and although planning has long since passed the group intends to put an end to the damage being done to their street in the process.

The heavy traffic from these vehicles has lead to cracks in the roads, walls, and pavement near to the street, due to the volume and heavy weight of these trucks.

Councillor Derek Antrobus, lead member for planning and sustainable development said: “We have received reports from residents about issues with access in and out of the development at Campbell Road and our enforcement officers are investigating whether there is a breach of planning conditions.”

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