Not Quite Light Festival will be returning to Salford from Thursday 28 to Sunday 31 March to provide four days worth of art, music and performance.

Curated by artist Simon Buckley, Not Quite Light, returns for its third year this weekend. The festival uses the time of dusk and dawn within each performance as inspiration.

Simon said: “The festival will be held on the weekend that the clocks go forward, the official start of summertime.”

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30 events will be taking place across the 12 venues all located in Salford, including The Ordsall Peacock: Guardian of Memories. Where members of the local community will take a peacock made out of scrap metal to Ordsall Park, light it, and then perform a dance around it as night falls.

A number of the events taking place across the four days will be free, for example, children can produce their own lanterns at Ordsall Community Arts on Thursday evening.

Live music, projections and food will also be available on the night from 6-8pm. Another free event is Sofa Memories on The Meadow on Saturday evening, artist Sally Hayes will be projecting films full of personal memories onto the back of a sofa.

For £12.50 you can see the world premiere of Beneath These Tarmac Cracks. On Friday night at 7pm the story of a Salfordian woman, born in 1913, who has developed a regenerative neurological disease that makes her vividly remember every second of her life, will come alive at Four Five Studios.

Director and artist Simon Buckley said: “I’m fascinated by Salford, the city I live in and, as an artist, it’s impossible not to respond to the transition of the streets around me, as the pace of regeneration causes such a rapid change.”

He continued: “The artists and performers that I’ve brought together are there, as always, to provide us with inspiration, to begin a conversation.”

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All photo and video credit to Simon Buckley and NotQuiteLight.

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