Bryan Blears Salford Green Party

Former Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett and the Salford Green Party met at the Old Pint Pot in Salford to discuss climate change last Tuesday. 

Salford Green Party candidates and members of the political group met at the Salford pub to discuss the effects of climate change and what Salford and Greater Manchester can do to tackle it.

Claremont candidate, Bryan Blears, spoke at the ’12 Years to Save the Planet’ event on 9 April about his local election campaign and aims if he wins the election in his ward.

Mr Blears spoke about the ways in which he aims to tackle climate change if elected this May.

He said would seek to introduce a shorter working week to reduce air pollution from commuting, protecting green belt land from development and to preserve park and recreational spaces, ensuring that people of all ages have a connection to nature.

He said: “climate change is not this thing that’s happening in Africa thousands of miles away or in South America, it’s happening here and people are starting to see the effect of it.”

Natalie Bennett also spoke on the panel.

The Sheffield Central Green Party candidate commented on the consequences of the methods people use to talk about climate change.

She said: “we have got to be really careful with messages of fear because messages of fear do not empower people, make them feel like they can make a difference, make a change together – we have got to be very careful with those.”

During her panel discussion, she brought to light the harmful environmental impacts of the fashion industry.

Natalie Bennett went on to add that climate change is more than just a political issue.

She said: “we have to live within the physical limits of our one planet – that’s not politics, it’s physics.”

However, she critiqued the government, saying that the Conservatives are not doing enough to tackle climate change.

She said: “the fact is now, we are trashing the planet and creating a pretty miserable, insecure society. The changes we need to make are good for people as well as the planet.”

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