Working with veterans is one of the aims of a  new job aiming to boost Salford University’s engagement with the armed forces. 

The Armed Forces Community Engagement Lead is a fixed term part time role which will be active for 18 months and will aim to improve support and engagement the university provides the armed forces. 

One of the areas the university is targeting is supporting veterans or personnel exiting the forces. They want to give members of the forces a smooth transition out and a clearer career path. 

Philip Martin, research assistant at the university, believes this role will be crucial in helping the university meet its aims in this sector. 

He said: “After a mapping exercise we realised there was a lot of work going on across the university but there wasn’t much co-ordination.”

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“We need to get the right person in the role, they will have 18 months to make a huge difference”. 

In October the university signed the Armed Forces Covenant, committing it to support the armed forces. 

Mr Martin said: “I meet a lot of people who have great potential after leaving the forces but have not had the opportunity to either adapt those skills or take up other opportunities through learning and employment. There are many veterans from the Salford area who could access the opportunities here with a bit more of a concerted effort on our part.” 

The university is also conducting research projects to assist current serving personnel and the cadet system for the younger generation. 

Mr Martin explained: “There are research projects going on about biomechanical studies of female frontline service. 

“I have other colleagues doing work around rehabilitation and injury risks. We are also part of the Manchester education committee which is a consortium of higher education institutions that support the work of the cadet forces. 

 “I have to commend the university for putting its money where its mouth is and investing in this role because I think it will see returns for the organisation, the veteran’s community and service personnel too. 

“All societies should have a commitment to support veterans and people who have been willing to put their lives on the line for their country.” 



More information regarding the role can be found on the University of Salford’s website.

Full interview with Philip Martin:

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