Author: Charlotte Hardman

Shelagh Delaney, author of 'A Taste of Honey'. Photo credit: screen shot from

Why ‘A Taste of Honey’ still resonates with audiences, more than 60 years on

This week marks 63 years since Salford-born writer Shelagh Delaney’s seminal kitchen-sink play, ‘A Taste of Honey’, was first performed at […]

Sophie Lancaster (left), and her Coronation Street counterpart Nina (right). Photo credit: screenshots, left from ( and right from (

“Whilst I can talk about her, she’s still here” – Coronation Street storyline sheds light on tragic story of Sophie Lancaster

Sophie Lancaster, who was murdered in 2007 for being a goth, has been remembered in a new Coronation Street storyline inspired by her storyline.

Salford Mutual Aid Coalition. Photo: Sarah Whitehead, used with permission

International Moment of Laughter Day: Salford celebrates the things that made them smile in lockdown

Tomorrow’s International Moment of Laughter Day – April 14 – is going to be more important than ever in reminding us […]

Blaney, the band fronted by Salford Music Festival's founder Ed Blaney, playing live. Used with permission.

“To any young people in the music industry, keep going” – Salford Music Festival react to the possibility of the return of live music by the summer

The annual Salford Music Festival showcases the best of the city’s musical talent whilst also raising vital funds for a […]

“We can give people more of their cat’s story” – Meet the mother and daughter team helping Salford’s rescue cats

During the coronavirus lockdown, rescue cats have been a comfort to so many people, providing companionship and cuddles to help […]

Mocha Parade entrance. Photo Credit: The Urban Collective

‘It’s like time stands still’ – Hanky Park estate and Mocha Parade shops remembered in new video blog

Capturing the history of the area you grew up in is something few people think to do, until those landmarks […]

Eccles Cake, with the flag of Greater Manchester. Photo Credit: James Jones via Wikimedia Commons:,_from_Greater_Manchester.jpg

Why Eccles Cakes should be honoured on National Cake Day

Jamesjones79, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons The Salford delicacies Eccles cakes have been a staple of the Northern […]

John (centre) with National Champions Max Adams and Joe Stout

“Swimming helped me overcome vaccine paralysis” says Salford swimming club coach

Like many swimmers, John Stout, Head Coach at City of Salford Swimming Club, felt at home in the water from […]