A FAR cry from his trademark baseball cap and trackie bottom attire, a rather dapper Lee Nelson returned to the Lowry theatre last night (Sunday, February 7) as part of a set of extra shows added to his Suited and Booted tour. Quays News entertainment reporter Evangeline White went along…

The cheeky southern geezer, portrayed by comedian Simon Brodkin, is best known for his BBC Three show Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show as well as some controversial appearances which includes a stage invasion on the X Factor in 2014 during a performance by Stereo Kicks as well as storming Kanye West’s set at Glastonbury.

His latest tour received a pretty positive reception from its Salford audience with plenty of laughs throughout. If you’re shy or simply just don’t want to catch Nelsons attention and become part of his comic performance then it’s recommended you do not get a seat near the front.

The first half of the performance saw Nelson getting to know members of his audience with certain people being used to feed his jokes. In particular a 16-year-old boy in attendance with his mother, joined in with Nelson’s banter with some rather witty comebacks; almost stealing Nelson’s limelight. A 71-year-old couple also bore the brunt of the jokes during the duration of the show. Many of Nelson’s material also recounts his life as a father which was relatable to some and also pretty funny.

The second half of the performance had many more rehearsed elements with reference to immigration, women, and class with the stereotypical comedian style jokes. Although the majority was light-hearted, a minority of jokes could have been seen to be borderline offensive to some.

There is no denying his fast thinking and witty jokes which come off the back of his interaction with the audience are a credit to his performance. A quick one liner during the second half about an audience members ill-fated run in with a head teacher had the crowd in stitches emphasising Brodkins side-splitting talent; the only stand out moment of the second half.

There is a lack for new material in his routine with some of his jokes being too obvious with the audience already knowing the outcome before Nelson has finished. The predictable “Chinese people all looking the same” joke was a real disappointment but needless to say some still found it amusing.

Although an entertaining show by Brodkin, the chavvy yet charming character of Lee Nelson has somewhat lost it’s real roots with the apparent energy in the first half slightly slacking in the second.

By: Evangeline White

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