TONY Warren, the man who originally dreamt up the idea for Coronation Street, has passed away aged 79, following a battle with a short term illness.

An ITV spokesman said the “legendary creator and acclaimed writer” died on Tuesday night “surrounded by his loving friends”.

Tony Warren was born Anthony McVay Simpson in Eccles, Salford, in 1937, and took the stage name of Warren during his career as a child star.

According to Olive Shapley, BBC producer 1910-1999, the idea for the longest ever running soap opera came to Warren in a dream:

Tony suddenly woke up saying, “Olive, I’ve got this wonderful idea for a television series. I can see a little back street in Salford, with a pub at one end and a shop at the other, and all the lives of the people there, just ordinary things and …” I looked at him blearily and said “Oh. Tony, how boring! Go back to sleep.” … Tony has never let me forget my error of judgement.

The hit tv series was first aired on the 9th December 1960, to which Tony Warren continued to write until the late 1970s.

Following the ITV show’s huge success Warren was given an M.B.E in 1994 for his contribution to TV drama.

Commiserations and tributes have already began to dominate social media with many wishing prayers for the creator of one of Britain’s most beloved shows.

By Nathan Smith

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