LAST Friday saw the launch of Manchester’s freshest independent label, ‘Playing With Sound’. A team of Quays News reporters went along, Alicia Boukersi ran her eye over the acts on show…

The Night And Day Café in the quirky Northern Quarter hosted an evening of live music from some of the label’s recent signings.

The showcase included performances from Hester & Holly Rose, Gold Jacks, No Hot Ashes, and DJ Jack Candela.

The new label will focus on being cutting edge, and content from in the North West.

The man behind the label, David Green, variously a musician, producer and managing director, has big plans for Playing With Sound. His aim is primarily to provide a platform for innovative and first-class music.

As long as the tunes are good, I can’t see us failing, to be honest.”

David Green – Playing With Sound Managing Director 

The sold-out show proved that the audience was equally as eager to witness the quality and eclecticism of local talent.

Manchester is a treasure trove of undiscovered music, and this was proven with each of the four exciting acts we heard.

Hester and Holly Rose kicked off the night with their minimal, beautiful love songs that were set to impeccable, futuristic beats. The duo’s music linked folk and pop to create what can only be deemed as the textbook definition of hypnotic, while their unmistakable chemistry was an invitation for each audience member to get lost in their own head. It came as no surprise that Hester and Holly would draw their fair share of fans, after their popular tours throughout the UK and Europe. They finished their set with their single ‘Promise’, which can be pre-ordered now.

Goldjacks were next on stage, and their rock and roll attitude was obvious from the onset. Sounding similar to Muse, their songs encapsulated addictive bass lines, dirty riffs, and chilled vocals. The four piece band hailing from inner-city Manchester sang eight songs, including their latest single ‘Take It Back’ which appeared on BT Sport. They are already showing their potential to become more successful.

Jack Candela provided the DJ set and managed to successfully fill the silences between the main acts, with his unique electronic mixes. The producer has previously worked with Viola Beach, and paid tribute to them with a mix of their song ‘Swings and Waterslides’.

No Hot Ashes ended the incredible night, with their infectious head-bangers that combined funk rock with underlays of hip-hop. The indie band have recently been dubbed as one of Manchester’s top bands to look out for in 2016, and after their performance it was evident why. Their stage presence was simply astounding – calling the audience to get up and dance around to their new single ‘Goose’, and finishing the night on a high note (quite literally).

Overall, the event was amazing. The dynamic atmosphere of the bar mixed well with the buzzing music on stage. The live performances by some of Manchester’s best underground artists were thoroughly enjoyed by the music lovers and groupies who attended the event.

David Green’s main vision is to “shine a light” on all the hidden talent that we have so close to home, and his gift in finding these brilliant performers means that the event was always certain to draw a crowd.

After such a great launch we are sure that the only way is up for Playing With Sound.

By Alicia Boukersi


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