ON Sunday the hilarious improvised-comedy group The Noise Next Door came to the Lowry to perform their new tour “Noise in the Hood”. Quays News entertainment reporter Samantha Rooke was there for us…

The Noise Next Door is made up of five men Tom, Sam, Matt, Tom and Charlie and has returned for their third national tour. The group is very unique due to the audience influencing all of their sketches, so no two shows are ever the same.

The hilarious group started at 20:00 in The Lowry, Pier 8 and immediately engaged the whole room with their diverse comedy. The group started their first sketch by asking the audience questions, getting unusual answers such as a ‘toothpick’. The group then had to make up a song on the spot, which fitted in with all the answers given. The group managed to include all the answers as well as making each part hilarious.

A story was then created using the audience’s ideas, and the boys amused the audience after an innocent looking girl said a crude answer. The group found this hilarious and pointed it out, the boys cleverly kept coming back to the girl throughout the show making comments that made the whole audience laugh.

A member of the audience was then picked to be part of their next sketch. A man was volunteered and was made to sit on the stage whilst the group then asked him the question, Who would you invite to your family Christmas party? The man then chose three people and assigned each role to a member of the group as well as one of the members playing the man himself. This sketch was especially funny due to the man’s reactions.

Each member of The Noise Next Door made the audience feel at ease with their interaction. The audience was fully involved in the whole show; constantly giving the group answers and responding very well to the group continually laughing and clapping at their jokes.

One woman then had her phone taken whilst Charlie, one of the members then used the texts as a script. The other members then had to act spontaneously around the texts. The audience found this very amusing along with the boys as more of the texts were read. The woman was laughing along with everyone and was quick to explain some of the texts.

After the short interval the boys were back with some short jokes. The audience were asked what 185 something walked into a bar? The answers included ‘Ducks”, “Wizards” and “Stormtroopers” which the group then had to create jokes for. At first not that many people laughing at one of their jokes, one of the members then told the audience to lower their expectations for the jokes, this got a lot of laughs from the audience and warmed them back up for the rest of the show.

The group then acted out another story, which included one of the boys Sam, doing interpreted dance and pretending to skydive. Sam got a roar of laughs from the audience as they found his acts hilarious and very inventive. This showed that each member of the group was able to improvise anything.

Then came the adult fairytale sketch. This included the audience picking a mythical creature to have a story created for it. The sketch ended differently to how the narrator Tom had planned – he ended up putting one of the other boys (the other Tom) on the spot to create a song that would demonstrate the moral of the story, even though there clearly weren’t any morals to it. To the audience’s amusement Tom was quick to think of a song but couldn’t find any morals to the story.

As the show came to an end the boys finished the show with the “Boy Band Love Song”. One girl from the audience was chosen to have a song sung to her, which was made up with the answers she gave to the boys. The group then left the audience laughing once the cheesy yet crude song was over. This catchy tune was definitely stuck in people’s heads whilst leaving!

Each member clearly has fun whilst doing the show, which is infectious to the audience. The show was very easy to watch and they made even the darkest jokes seem lighthearted. All the boys improvise at ease and their talent shouldn’t be missed.

By Samantha Rooke

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