RESIDENTS of Sale today had their wheelie bins given a colourful makeover by a professional artist as part of Trafford Council’s Bling Your Bin initiative.

The event took place in Bramhall Close where artist Jamie Rennie, known professionally as JME-DZYNZ, was on hand to spray-paint eye-catching designs on the otherwise dull dustbins.

The designs included those of dogs, flowers, and popular characters such as Superman.

People from the council and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service supervised and helped move the bins to and from their beauty treatment.

As well as sprucing up the area, it is hoped that people will become more aware of how they dispose of their waste.

Superman saves this bin from having to look boring
Superman saves this bin from having to look boring

A resident of Bramhall Close, Vivienne Robertson, said: “I’m really happy with the designs. I think it makes a difference to the area. When you look at a dustbin you think ooh, fancy having that stuck there. It makes a big difference, I like it.”

“I hope it will make people more conscientious of their waste and bins. Some people are funny with where they put their rubbish.”

The event took place between 11-3. On a single day Jamie can paint between 30-60 bins, with people turning up in their dozens to take part.

Jamie said: “This is my second year doing it with the council and the fire service.”

“The response is very positive, most people like the idea. Coming back this second year, you start to see people wanting their second, third bin done.”

“The feedback we get is really good. We don’t get anything negative at all.”

JME goes to work on Vivenne's bin
JME goes to work on Vivenne’s bin

GMFRS were also handing out leaflets warning residents about the danger of wheelie bin fires and advising people on how best to look after them.

Mrs. Robertson said: “We’ve had people setting wheelie bins on fire in the past. I hope people will think twice now, they look so nice. I can’t understand that some people would damage them.”

Margaret, also of Bramhall Close, said: “I think it’s a good idea, it cheers everybody up.”

For more information about the initiative and wheelie bin safety, follow @TraffordCouncil and @manchesterfire.

By Thom Whyte

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