OVER 300 fitness fanatics were challenged to the “UK’s toughest workout” at Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse this weekend.

Armour Camp, a 45-minute workout led by England Rugby’s Strength and Conditioning coach Neil Parsley, aims to push people to their limits both mentally and physically.

Organised by Under Armour, Armour Camp attracted the likes of gold medallist Amy Williams MBE, boxing champion Anthony Crolla, and soap stars Anthony Quinlan and Jamie Lomas.
Armour Camp workout

Consisting of five alternating stations, participants endure exercises ranging from lunges to picking up a cast plate and spinning it round their heads.

The ‘Last Man Standing’ challenge, at the end, was the real test: squat for as long as possible.

The winner managed to hold it for an impressive nine minutes and was motivated by fellow fitness enthusiasts who gathered round to encourage them during the gruelling exercise.

The warehouse was dark-lit and played inciting music, getting everyone into the spirit.

Under Armour is leading a “Rule Yourself” campaign, based on a simple insight that “you are the sum of all your training”.

This message was portrayed throughout the event, from writing down what your own personal workout rule was to the inspirational videos that were being projected.

"Rule Yourself" Under Armour

Everyone looked confident at the start but as the workout progressed it was clear that people were slacking. Fortunately they had personal trainers walking around driving them on.

Professional boxer Marcus Morrison was amongst the many athletes and celebrities that took part.

He said: “It was a good session – I wasn’t expecting it to be that tough.

“I really enjoyed coming out and meeting so many people, and sharing the experience.

“It was very much a team effort.”

Quays TV’s Rachel Stuart also attempted the Armour Camp. You can watch her effort, including an interview with boxer Anthony Crolla, below.

By Louisa McRobb

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