RECENTLY reaching the end of their tour supporting The Magic Gang, Jared Laville, front man of the four-piece band, Vitamin, chatted to our entertainment reporter Abi White last Thursday…

After supporting bands such as Swim Deep and Sundara Karma, appearing on the BBC Introducing stage at Reading and Leeds 2015 and now finishing their tour supporting The Magic gang.

“This tour’s lasted two weeks, it feels like we’ve been doing it for ages but our last one is tomorrow in Leicester,” Laville said. “It’s quite emotional really because we’ve had a great time and it’s definitely been one of my favourite tours.”

The four-piece have recently released two singles, including ‘This isn’t Love,’ and more recently releasing ‘Waterfall’.

“We’ve had a really good reaction to it [Waterfall]. We released it at the beginning of the tour with The Magic Gang and it was amazing that the whole crowd knew the words.”

With two successful and catchy singles released and two EP’s filled with catchy lyrics and funky riffs, Laville revealed plans for a debut album.

“It’s so cool to connect with people through out singles, next year I think is the plan to release an album and we’re just going to keep releasing more stuff through the year.

“There are also a few other things that haven’t been released yet that are going to be really cool too!”

Having only formed as a band a few years ago, the band has come a long way in a reasonably short space of time or as Jared said since “performing our first gig in York at Fibbers”.

The band have certainly been busy over the past few months since their tour with Sundara Karma in Autumn 2015, filling their schedules with recording and writing their music and doing music videos, which has resulted in the growth of Vitamin’s fan base.

“I’ve started to notice a lot more fans on this tour,” commented the front man.

People have been super receptive to us, more than they’ve ever been before; this is the point where I’m really starting to see it. I know we’re still the support band but I feel as though people are starting to come to see us as well.”

With the next few months ahead showing extreme promise for the band, Laville talked about Vitamin’s plans for summer shows. Including festivals such as Live at Leeds, Great Escape, Lost Village and X & Y, the band are covering a lot of the “inner city, boutique and smaller festivals.”

The band also hinted at the announcement of a very exciting and unique tour in the next coming months. “Of course there will be more tours in the future as well,” explained Laville.

With all the plans Vitamin have ahead, this band is certainly an exciting band to keep an eye out for in 2016.

By Abi White

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