Fundraisers took to Salford Comic Con last week to raise awareness and take donations for The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity.

Salford Comic Con announced the Joshua Wilson Charity as their sponsored charity and invited fundraisers to the event on May 2.

Josh Wilson, who also went by ‘Super Josh’ was an avid superhero fan before his death in 2014 due to long-standing medical problems caused by surgery to remove a brain tumour.

Dawn Fidler, Josh’s mother, chose to start the charity on Josh’s 13th birthday in 2013. Of the event, Dawn said: “It was a really good day, it was ridiculously busy! I don’t think they expected as many people, it was really popular. There were over 1000 people there.

“There were some absolutely amazing costumes there, people really put a lot of hard work and effort into them.

“It was really good to meet so many new people and talk about the charity and Josh. We stickered absolutely everybody that came in through the door, loads of people really liked the idea.”

The Joshua Wilson charity raised £325 on the day, but it was a particularly special occasion for Dawn.

“Josh’s nickname was Super Josh, and when he was alive he was really into superheroes, his bedroom was all Marveled up!

“It was really special because it was at the AJ Bell stadium where Josh was a mascot.

“Most importantly, Josh’s ashes were scattered at the stadium, so to be able to have an event there that was about superheroes, which Josh loved. To be at that venue was really special for me.

“He would have loved it.”

Greater Manchester Police perform Gangnam Style for Josh’s cause in 2013

Joshua was three and a half when he was diagnosed with a brain stem tumour. Following difficult surgery, Josh was left with complex physical needs including scoliosis, epilepsy and a brain injury.

The charity was launched with the aim of helping other families living with childhood brain tumours and postoperative complications.

The cause has since received a lot of support.

In March, Mark Turnbull walked 55 miles to raise money and in April the Salford Red Devils, for whom Josh was a mascot, revealed a special Super Josh shirt that they will play in later this month.

Dawn said: “We’re getting ready for Parklife in June. Last year we raised £20,000, which is incredible.

“We’ll recruit a huge team of volunteers. It’s amazing to be at such a big music festival, where he can raise loads of awareness and loads of money for Josh’s charity.”

For more information on the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity and upcoming events, visit:

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