AMERICAN rapper G-Eazy brought his lyrical formulas to Manchester’s O2 Ritz on Monday evening (May 23). Quays News entertainment reporter Misha Solanki was fortunate enough to secure a spot at the sell-out show…

Given that 50 minutes after the doors had opened the queue to get in the venue was trailing around the corner, everyone began to realise just how busy it was going to be once everyone was actually inside.

The 1500 capacity was completely sold out and it showed. The whole room was close to bursting with people squeezing up against each other, trying to get to the front of the stage ready for G-Eazy. The whole audience was buzzing with excitement and the warm up DJ really got the crowd hyped up for ILoveMakonnen, G-Eazy’s support act.

ILoveMakonnen came out onto the stage in a burst of energy and the crowd instantly took to him. He started of his set with ‘Manchester make some f**king noise’ and the crowd did not disappoint.

Makonnen seemed to be feed off the crowd as much as they were feeding off him. He dropped some of his classic hits like ‘Tuesday’ ‘Look at Wrist’ and ‘Trust Me Danny’ and was constantly jumping and dancing around – even if he pulled some dodgy dance moves.

All that dancing clearly got to him when he started to take his vest off and poured water all down over head, and then throwing the water bottle and his vest into the crowd. This sent the crowd over the edge as it nearly started a fight between two people who both caught his clothing.

In his 20 minute set he must have gone through about six water bottles, getting his DJ to open them then taking the bottles and throwing them into the crowd. He finished his set off perfectly; he surprised the crowd by bringing out G-Eazy just to help him finish off his, already amazing, set.

ILoveMakonnen was the perfect opening to this show, he had the whole venue jumping to every song and the amount of energy and effort he put into his performance showed how much he enjoyed performing in front of large crowds.

Once ILoveMakonnen had finished his set and had gone off the stage, the crowd was still reeling from his performance, to a certain extent. The wait between Makonnen and G-Eazy slowly drained the energy from the crowd, the whole venue was sweating and the smoke machine was working overtime.

The atmosphere had changed immensely in the venue during the 40-minute wait between acts.

G-Eazy finally came back onto the stage at around 9:30pm, and started off his set with ‘Young, Rich and Handsome‘. Straight away it was clear how energetic he was going to be throughout his set, and during this first song someone in the crowd had already thrown their brasserie onto the stage.

Throughout his whole set G-Eazy must have picked up three or four garments that his female fans had duly thrown on stage.

After each song the whole venue was plunged into darkness and after every song, without fail,  the crowd went wild. G-Eazy spoke to the crowd in between each track and made a point to mention that is was the eve of his 27th birthday and he wanted to make sure that Manchester partied hard with him to commemorate that.

His hour and 15-minute set consisted of his ‘day one’ songs as he called them, and songs from his latest album like ‘Me Myself and I’ and ‘Order Some More.’

G-Eazy or ‘young Gerald’ as he called himself gave the Manchester crowd a show of a lifetime, he has never done a show in Manchester before but made sure he told the crowd how much he had enjoyed himself by jumping down to sing with the crowd and ending the show with a stage dive.

Throughout his whole set the vibe in the venue was electric. He put a lot of effort into interacting with the crowd and made sure that the show was the best show it could be. It was ‘the best night of his life’ and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the best show that many in the audience have ever been too.

By Misha Solanki

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