IT was announced in 2013 that Salford City Council would receive £650-million-pound in order to regenerate the area. With the project now in full swing of its 30-year plan, Quays News reporter Nathan Smith has an update on how it’s been going so far…

Pendleton is a densely populated area of Salford, just a mile from Salford Quays, and is at the forefront of the regeneration project which hopes to generate over 500 jobs, create 24 new small and medium business enterprises, provide skills training for 3,200 local people, and 2,000 work experience opportunities.

Leading the project is housing association Pendleton Together, who work closely with the council and members of the community in attempts to constantly improve and develop the area.

Communications manager for Together Housing, Katherine Noble, said: “The impact within the community that the project has made is something that we are proud of.

“The way residents are engaging with Pendleton Together demonstrates that we are making a difference. We have made a real change”

Speaking with members of the Together Pendleton group, they revealed a three-phase structure to the project, which is currently due to finish the first phase by September 17; there will be 183 newly built homes for sale.

The £650-million-pound investment into the regeneration project hopes to attract new residents to the area whilst improving the lives of those who currently live there.

Customer service delivery manager, Julie Blagden, explained that the aim of the changes is to “enhance the make up of Salford, boost the economy, and generally meet housing needs,” adding that “there’s a need to create affordable homes so it’s about trying to meet the needs of the local people”.

Work began in the area immediately after the investment was first announced in 2013 via the Homes and Community Agency’s website. The first housing accommodation which has now been completed is Spruce Court, situated on Belvedere road- one of the main tower blocks visible when entering Salford.

As the project works closely with the Pendleton community, it has attracted the attention of local businesses including the Co-Operative who generously donated £9,100 in order to fund local community projects.

As the magnitude of the regeneration continues to take great strides forward in the advancement of the local area, the work has not gone unnoticed outside of Salford.

Leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, paid a visit to the housing group in March in order to speak to residents who live in the properties undergoing renovation.

He then visited The University of Salford’s Energy House. The University works with Pendleton Together conducting research.

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn visits Pendleton Together. Credit: Together Pendleton

Energy House is the only full-scale house inside a test facility in Europe and the only brick construction in an environmental chamber in the world.

Mr Corbyn told the University of Salford, the facility was playing an “exciting and ambitious” part in helping to improve housing efficiency and tackle fuel poverty.

Julie Blagden explained that Corbyn’s visit was not scheduled and that his aim was to discover how the housing groups works with the community and the City Council.

“It was a nice visit, there was a really nice feel in the room,” she said. “He came to meet the people and engaged with them, he was really pleased with what the tenants were saying”.

Blagden added: “I’ve lived here all my life and to see how these blocks look now and the community coming together is a reflection of the success of the project, creating a new Pendleton.”

For more updates on the regeneration project you can visit the Pendleton Together site here.

By Nathan Smith

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