GORGON City (aka Kye Gibbon and Matt Robson-Scott) have really shone through this year with several of their tracks making the charts.

Although arguably, they don’t show much different from the likes of Disclosure & Second City, their performance at Warehouse Project this year was enjoyable.


The duo have created some impressive and iconic songs in their short but successful career – with ‘Ready For You Love’ hitting the top five of 2014 and ‘All Four Walls‘ being in the charts for three weeks straight; these were just two of the tracks most anticipated by the shuffling Manchester crowd.

Their performance was predictable, starting with some new and upcoming tracks, and dropping their biggest hits, such as ‘Saving My Life’, during the encore.

The one thing that was impressive about their performance was the duo’s enthusiasm on stage.

They made the entire venue feel good and it was a very different atmosphere to the likes of Circus or any of the darker techno events.

Support act Elderbrook is definitely an artist to look out for.

He took the stage first and not only did he mix his tracks well, but he did his own vocals over the top.

His voice was very melodic but also quite eerie which perfectly flowed onto Claptones set.

There was a bit of Jack Garratt feel about him but the rhythm of his tracks was also quite hypnotic.


Claptone’s set was unexpected; he came onto the stage wearing his infamous-gold doctors mask, and his enthusiasm was fantastic.

He really interacted with the crowd and his entire set was really wavy – it was quite dark compared to Elderbrook and Gorgon City’s sets.

Claptone has definitely mastered the art of playing to any sized venue as he delivered an eclectic musical journey that ranged from deep vocal house to some harder tech house.

One thing to note was the sudden drop out by Disciples which a lot of people were complaining about throughout the night as they were quite an anticipated act.

There was no reason given as to why they dropped which was, naturally, a bit disappointing.

The crowd at this event definitely had a more positive vibe about them.

There was more to sing along to, more room to dance and less people turning into complete creatures from being far too ruined.

By Lauren Bones

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