THIS movie, loosely based on the Lee Child novel of the same name (the 18th in the series), sees our protagonist, Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) head back to Washington to visit the new Major (Cobie Smulders) who took over Reacher’s former military police command when he left the Army after helping her out on a case.

When he arrives, she has been arrested, and he is determined to find out why…

Over the course of the next 2 hours, Cruise does what he does best.

Big action, lots of stunts and plenty to keep you fully entertained.

It’s not all about Cruise, however.

His two female co-stars more than hold their own, especially newcomer Danika Yarosh, as Sam.

For an actor in her first “big screen” movie, and against seasoned actors such as Cruise and Smulders, Yarosh looks at ease on the big screen.

Danika Yarosh (Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)
Danika Yarosh
(Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)


Smulders more than stands up to Cruise’s macho presence on screen, she is every bit his equal.

By the end of the movie, Cruise proves he has more strings to his bow than just action sequences; as the movie reaches its rooftop conclusion, he explores a more gentle side to the character.

With chase sequences, gunfights, and a mystery to solve, this is a good action film that manages to be better than its predecessor by some distance.

With more space to look into the protagonist and the way he works, its clear why the books have been so successful, and why Cruise wanted to play the role.

As with any adaptation, there are several notable differences from the books – most obviously, the fact the fact that the books Reacher is 6’ 2” and 250Lbs – whilst Cruise is noticeably stockier.

However, the screen presence of an actor like Cruise more than makes up for any discrepancies – he is totally believable in the role.

Jack Reacher isn’t an Avant-garde piece of mind-blowing cinema, but it is damn good entertainment for a couple of hours. Sometimes, that’s all you need.

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