JUSTIN BIEBER gets booed off stage while performing his ‘Purpose’ World Tour at the Manchester Arena, after he dropped his microphone and stormed off.

The 22-year-old pop sensation repeatedly asked the crowd to be quiet, at one point saying: “you can scream as much as you want afterwards, but while I’m singing try and stay quiet.”

“People were not giving me respect,” Bieber said.

Hundreds of fans that attended the Justin Bieber concert were outraged and took to twitter, with a few calling him a “spoilt brat”.


During his controversial performance, Justin Bieber stopped to speak to the crowd and attempt to explain himself, saying: “I want to connect with you.”


Twitter users Kirsty and Sarah, are just a few of many fans that stood by Bieber’s side, claiming that he had every right to walk off and that the crowd should’ve been able to control themselves.




‘Actor L Lilley’ commented on an article about Bieber’s performance in reference to the London concerts he had attended:

“I went to Purpose tour at The O2 on Tuesday night and then front row on Friday Night. This is the moment in the show when JB is about to sit on the sofa, play guitar and do Cold Water, Let Me Love You and Love Yourself.

And he said, “For the moments like this – it’s nice if we can be quiet, listen and share a nice moment together”.

So in London we all shut up and listened. It wasn’t rude. The rest of the set we were encouraged to make as much noise as possible and we did.”

Hopefully next time Justin Bieber is back in Manchester he manages to stay on stage for the full show.

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