FROM the same publishing company as Harry Potter, best-selling author Samantha Shannon is set to have her third book published from her seven book plan. With the movie rights from her first book already sold, her series has seen popularity for the original plot and characters.

The first book titled ‘The Bone Season’, published in 2013, is written in a first-person narrative following the story of 19-year-old Paige Mahoney, a clairvoyant that has the ability to go into people’s mind-scape. However, the book is set in an alternative future in 2059 where clairvoyants are forbidden and just them being alive is a treason.

Paige works in an underground gang and within the story she gets captured and taken to Oxford, an area which is thought to not exist any longer. However, it does. Along with Rephaite like creatures. It is here that Paige is put under the watchful eyes of Warden who is meant to train and keep an eye on her. He is also her love interest and very complicated friend.

The best selling point for the book is its original storyline. Despite it being set in a dystopian world which most books seem to be such as The Hunger Games or Divergent, the Bone Series manages to take a different approach to the genre by using clairvoyant and an alternative timeline to our own which makes it seem so much more unique. This helps expend the storyline and gets people interested in a world that is very different from our own. By doing this, the reader gets dragged in wanting to know about the new world that Samantha Shannon has created.

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Another intriguing aspect to the book, is the setting. Shannon uses the areas around her to help give her story more depth such as by setting the first book in oxford which was where she was studying in University at the time she was writing the story.

Although, the main problem with her book could be seen in the writing. Sometimes Shannon lets down on the descriptive areas in the books, especially within the first few chapters which could confuse readers. She introduces a bulk of characters at the beginning of the chapter that becomes puzzling. Personally, I had to re-read a few parts just to keep on top on who the characters are and what was happening numerous times. Because of this, the story had disappointed me a little since I really wanted to personally get involved in the books storyline.

The second book is in the series has improved a little on this problem but not enough for me to enjoy the series as much as I really do want too. With the third book being realised in March, I hope to be able to read it with the problem being taken care off.

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