WITH the dawn of Halloween creeping up on us, Manchester will soon be set alight with fireworks, lanterns and bonfires, but it’s important to stay safe during these autumn evenings.

Halloween and bonfire night is a fun time for both adults and children and nobody wants their nights ruined if something goes wrong.


One of the most exciting nights of the year is also one of the most dangerous with hundreds of people hospitalised every year during this autumn period, mostly due to burn injuries from fireworks, sparklers and bonfires.

The Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue services are urging everyone to stay safe this Bonfire Night and are especially asking parents to keep a close eye on their children during this time, ensuring that they stay out of danger at all times.

Ashley Martin, RoSPA’s public health project manager, says: “We want families to have enjoyable celebrations around Halloween and an important part of this is making sure that events are not only fun but safe.

“The safest place to enjoy fireworks is at a large public display but if you’ll be having your celebrations at home, be sure to follow the firework code.”


“Top tips from the code are to plan your display in advance so you’re not rushing things at the last minute and to keep fireworks in a closed box, using them one at a time. Spectators should stand at a safe distance, so make sure your garden is big enough for the fireworks you want to set off. Only adults should deal with fireworks and remember, DON’T GO BACK TO A LIT FIREWORK!”

“Injuries from larger fireworks and sparklers can be really serous, especially to very young children. While sparklers may look innocent, they burn at fierce temperatures. We recommend that sparklers are not used by under 5’s and that children wear gloves when they’re holding sparklers. When you’re finished with a sparkler, put it straight into a bucket of cold water.”

Quays News have put together a list of the best organised firework displays around Manchester, but if you are planning on organising your own remember to stay safe and take a look at Greater Manchester’s Fire Service’s advice. 

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