A SALFORD politics student has flown to Miami to help campaign for Hillary Clinton to become the first woman president of the USA.

Stacey Tizzard, 21, is participating in a programme called ’45 for the 45th’.

They give 45 of the brightest and most politically engaged students in the UK the chance to experience the final weeks of the presidential race for themselves.

Stacey has chosen to support Hilary Clinton in her campaign, saying: “I’ll be door knocking and handing out leaflets in support of Hillary Clinton. In my opinion, out of the two candidates remaining, she has the policies that are the most inclusive to all.”

Stacey’s politics lecturer, Professor James Newell, explained: “This is a very exciting opportunity for a gifted student such as Stacey to be involved in what has been one of the bitterest and most sensational of American presidential election campaigns in living memory.

“We shall all be eagerly waiting to hear news of Stacey’s exploits upon her return”.Stacey Tizzard picture

The third year student, from Somerset, added: “I have been interested in American politics since I was very young, and I think it is important to have a view on what is happening over there at the moment because what takes place politically there affects the rest of the world in some way.

“I hope that my experience in Miami means that I can engage more young people to take part in politics when I get back”.

If you would like to keep up to date with how Stacey is getting on in Miami, you can visit her blog here.

We at Quays will look forward to catching up with her once she’s home following the results on November 8th.

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