FEMINIST icons such as Sandi Toksvig, Sophie Walker, Catherine Mayer and singer-songwriter Sinitta will be in Manchester next week for the first Women’s Equality Party conference which is expecting around 1,500 delegates.

The Victoria Warehouse conference will also host an exhibition by Salford University students of visual art, design and creative media content.


Sophie Walker, leader of the Women’s Equality Party, said: “Our first Party conference is going to bring under one roof 1,500 new political activists all raring to make women’s equality a reality.

“Over the weekend we’ll be putting the emphasis on how to build practical change in workshops and training as well as putting out the call for future candidates to represent the party in national elections.

There will be open mic sessions so that all our members can make their voices heard. And we’ll be celebrating top female talent in our Saturday night comedy show. Join us!”

Salford University student Emilie Miller has contributed her work to the conference, along with fellow student Sade Mica.

“We are excited about this opportunity as being feminists and artists having the ability to display our work in an environment full of people who share those values and at a conference promoting that is amazing,” says student and feminist Emilie.

“We hope for the conference to have a positive effect and encourage equality in Manchester, however we feel that there is much more work to do to achieve that, by making more accessible events and reaching out to a wider community. Hopefully our work and participation in this event will bring forth attention and will inspire conversation and change and ultimately equality for all,” agrees both Emilie and Sade.

The conference, along with Salford University, hopes to inspire others to promote equality, empowerment and diversity.

The last chance to get tickets for the conference is tonight at 5pm, but tickets for the Saturday night FUNdraiser are available until 26th November.

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