FIGURES show one in every 51 people battling cancer in Salford.

Salford is currently the fourth lowest for cancer diagnosis in Greater Manchester. With a ratio of one in every 51 people registered to a GP have been diagnosed with cancer.

New figures show that the number of patient’s currently battling cancer has increased by over 5,000 over the past year.

The UK average is currently one in every 40 people are diagnosed with some type of cancer. 

This makes Manchester less likely to have the disease in comparison to other regions in the UK.

Other regions of Greater Manchester such as Stockport show high rates of the disease with a higher ratio of one in 38. This is almost double the amount of people in comparison to central Manchester with one in every 83.

The table below shows the difference between cancer rates in Salford and the national average.



Nurse Paula Hardman, a former cancer specialist, says: ‘ The earlier the diagnosis the higher the chance the cancer can be stopped. If people contacted their GP as soon as they start seeing the early signs, then their chance of survival is higher.’

 The NHS choices has a page of symptoms and signs to look for to help people catch the disease as early as possible.

Cancer Research UK say that 42 percent of cancer cases are preventable.

Cancer research UK
Cancer research UK is one of the largest UK charity’s collecting money for future research.

With constant funding in search of a cure, cancer treatment has come a long way over the past 40 years. However, cancer is still the most common cause of death across England and Wales.

Due to the support there are now 2000 scientists, doctors and nurses in Manchester working together to beat cancer.

In the past Salford has conducted many fundraisers in the aim to raise awareness of cancer such as bike rides, coffee mornings, charity football matches and many more.

If you would like to become a volunteer in your local area then click the link here and sign up today.



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