ZAMBIAN-BORN nurse Dianne Ngoza, who was held in detention awaiting deportation, has been released.

Dianne, a mother of one, was detained on November 16 but the ongoing fight from campaigners, including Manchester – based human rights charity, has meant she may remain in the United Kingdom.

Ngoza, who has been working as a nurse in Manchester for 14 years, was to be deported on Wednesday this week but has now been told she can stay while her case is reviewed.

She moved to the United Kingdom in 2002 to work as a nurse and has volunteered to work for a number of community organisations and churches.

A Home Office spokesperson said:

“We expect people with no legal basis to remain in the UK to leave the country voluntarily, and we provide support to help people return to their home country.

“Where they refuse to do so we will seek to enforce their removal.”

According to the National Office for Statistics, enforced removals have declined since 2004, while voluntary departures have increased.

In 2015 there were 40,896 people who were removed from the UK or departed voluntarily after the initiation of removal.

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