CHRISTMAS is the season of overindulgence, there is no doubt about it. Alcohol seems to be acceptable to drink at any time of the day. But, what if you don’t fancy a tipple this year?

Aldi have come up with a way to avoid a few of those extra calories and still be able to drive home after the party. They have started selling prosecco and mulled wine infused tea bags – non-alcoholic of course!

The teas are both caffeine free and are classed as ‘infusion bags.’ This is because they’re not in the usual off-white paper circles which are usually dunked in and out of the mug.

Many people around the UK have been going crazy over the festive teas and they’re no longer available online. Aldi’s website states that they’re  now ‘sold out online’ and only available ‘in store from Thursday December 1.’

The two drinks are part of Aldi’s ‘Specially Selected’ range and are priced at £1.89 for 15 bags. There’s no excuse not to give them a try, as this is pocket change compared to buying an actual bottle of wine or prosecco.

The fancy packaging and muslin bags give the whole product a real luxury feel and make that ordinary cup of tea a little more festive.

When you actually drink it, it may not taste as ‘prosecco-ey’ as you would expect, but it gives a nice sweetness compared to normal tea. Aldi do state that it’s only ‘reminiscent of the taste profile of an elegant prosecco.’

However, the mulled wine infusion definitely wouldn’t be mistaken for anything else other than the warm wine.

For something a little different to treat guests to over the festive season, these teas should be top of the list!

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