UNIVERSITY of Salford nursing students voice their concern as figures reveal some stand – in bosses’ wages are ‘greater than a nurse’s annual salary’.

Figures released today by The Times show that some interim hospital finance directors are being paid about £1,800 per day, calculating to £432,000 a year – twice as much as permanent staff.

After nurses and midwives in the health industry received a mere one per cent increase in their salaries in April, news of this perceived ‘overpayment’ has left students going into the profession outraged.

Carys Jones, 20, first year nursing student at the University of Salford said: “I think it demonstrates that the divide in class is not just exclusive to general society but extends further into our health system.

“How temporary NHS bosses have the nerve to accept a wage greater than a nurse’s annual salary is beyond me.”

The students feel as though they are very overworked and they are angered the most by the fact that the nurses tend to put in longer hours than the stand – in health professionals – and get paid considerably less.

Selina Quinn, 20, second year student at the University of Salford said: “Nurses do not get paid half as much as they should, and most nurses stay for hours after their shifts to complete things like documentation, and that is completely unpaid.”

Nurses and other supporters have taken to social media to express their disappointment:

However, it was also a strong feeling amongst students that pursuing a nursing career is not money motivated.

Selina added: “I think anyone who is going into the nursing profession, is doing it because they have a passion for the job rather than the salary.”

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