RICH Hall the American comedian yet a well-known comedian in the UK appeared on the Lowry Theatre stage last night. Our reporter Jasmine Rigby went along to the show.

Comedy act Rich Hall entered the stage throwing his hat up in the air, immediately making the audience chuckle.

The first half of the show was stand-up comedy with endless ‘Trump’ Jokes that created a humorous atmosphere.

‘So many choices in American until it comes to president.’

Seemed to be one of his favourites that he himself giggled at.

The Trump jokes were not the only American jokes made.

‘There’s nothing worse than Americans not getting fed.’

Was a joke that made everyone clap at the award winning comedian.

Hall seemed pretty relaxed walking across the stage whilst sharing his puns.

After the fifteen-minute interval he returned even more relaxed entering the stage with a swift walk and two bottles of Budweiser which he referred to later on in the show.

‘I’ve only had one bottle and I’m hammered.’

The second half consisted of country music with five members joining Rich but this doesn’t mean that there was no comedy. Oh for sure there was still comedy when Hall turned to the audience and sang love songs about them- love songs that were a bit cheesy mind.

Throughout the show the background lights stayed a midnight blue that was until the country musician burst into ‘Rick Astley- Never Gonna Give You Up’ the lights flicked all different colours as if the audience were in a disco rather than a comedy show. Members of the audience clapped along.

‘Fur on a stick’ seems to be one that stuck in my head. Joe, an audience member, was chosen to be Hall’s backup singer singing ‘Fur on a stick’ while the rest of the audience were wiping away years from all the laughing.

The lights yet again flickered for the last time as if it was colourful Christmas tree lights, and this was perfect for the encore that Hall had chosen. ‘Rocking around the Christmas tree’ had everyone singing and applauding. It was definitely enough to make you feel festive.

Overall, Hall established that he was a definite joker, and for sure a country musician. Hall, interacting with the audience always answering questions and joking about them.

The second half was more favourable with the livelihood of the interaction between Hall and the audience.



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