THE tap water ban in Tameside and Saddleworth has been lifted after four days.

United Utilities released an update at 9pm last night stating they’ve fixed the problem at their Buckton Castle treatment facility in Mosslet and pumped out all contaminated water.

In this statement, a spokesperson for United Utilities said: “We had fixed the problem which caused the issues at our local treatment works and have now completed all the testing of the water. We’ve therefore reached agreement with Public Health England that the boil water advice can be lifted.

“We’re very sorry for the time it has taken to get your water back to normal and we appreciate the frustration and inconvenience this will have caused.”

Residents affected by the loss of water have all been given an automatic £20 compensation from United Utilities, but people are concerned that this isn’t enough after four days of buying bottled water from supermarkets.

More than 17,000 households in Tameside and Saddleworth were told not to use their tap water after fears that the water supply was contaminated.

Over 200,000 bottles of water were delivered to local schools so that they could remain open, with Mossley Hollins Primary School staying open despite their close proximity to the Buckton Castle plant.

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