Figures released by The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons earlier this year revealed that cosmetic surgery in the UK has increased by 13 percent from 2014-2015.

Alongside the increase in cosmetic surgery, non-surgical procedures such as lip fillers; botox; and chemical peels are seemingly on the rise. Dermal filler nurse and practitioner from Manchester, Savannah Hudson, said “there has been a massive rise in cosmetic procedures, there is a lot of young people coming in for cosmetic treatments … I think young girls wanting to look nice, rejuvenated and flawless is something that people have picked up on over time.”

This rise cannot be confirmed, however, as the 2013 cosmetic surgery review failed to put in place a structured procedure to monitor client records and non-surgical practices. This lack of regulation also means that correction services are struggling to keep up. Dermaskin in Manchester has opened a ‘Thursday morning correction clinic’ as correction appointments alone were struggling to fill the demand.

A report released by the Government showed that the lack of regulation in regards to lip fillers means ‘a person having a non-surgical cosmetic intervention has no more protection and redress than someone buying a ballpoint pen or a toothbrush.’

It went on to explain that the cause for concern in regards to the absence of legal regulation is that ‘anyone can set themselves up as a practitioner, with no requirement for knowledge, training or previous experience. Nor are there sufficient checks in place with regard to product quality.’

Jasmine Rigby, a student from Salford University who underwent the procedure, believes that there should be to be a structure in place saying:

“my lip fillers were fine, but I knew little about the product or aftercare. Some of my friends who have had the same procedure became very bruised and weren’t happy with their results – they even had to fork out more money afterwards to correct a botched job, which really effected their confidence and health. I definitely think it should be legally regulated for people’s safety.”

On the other hand, 19 year-old Megan Smith from Manchester thinks the lack of regulation makes the procedure less stressful saying “It made the procedure nice and easy, and it took no time out of my day”

Quays News investigated how many of its readers would consider getting a non-surgical procedure.

Over half of those surveyed revealed that they have considered altering their appearance with a non-surgical procedure. To find a clinic near you that is independently regulated visit the Save Face website and type in your nearest city or for more information on the increase in cosmetic surgeries including dermal fillers and potential regulations for the procedures visit The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.


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