AN ARRAY of events will be hosted for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer students by Salford University throughout February to celebrate LGBT+ History month.

Events are being held around Salford University’s campus at Atmosphere Kitchen and Bar, Atmosphere Lounge and Cafe, the Working Class Movement library and the Mary Seacole Building.

Thomas King, 19, a team leader at Salford’s student union said: “Salford University is known for being so diverse, not just culturally but sexuality is a big part of it too.

“There’s so many different students that come to this university and the LGBT+ community can sometimes be ignored but I think it’s important that our union is putting these events on and giving everyone a chance to come along and get involved.”

Salford’s student union is ensuring that LGBT+ History month is filled for all with special LGBT-themed debates, quizzes and protests; drag bingo, sexual orientation group meetups and a final ‘Coming Out?’ party to end the month.

“We have the key events which we do every year such as drag bingo which is always really popular and the same with Take Me Out on Valentine’s Day,” Thomas said.

“The Take Me Out event doesn’t necessarily focus on the LGBT community but we are working on putting it into place so that homosexual people can get involved and the next Take Me Out event will feature heavily on that.”

Student union leaflets to advertise LGBT History month

Thomas expects that the LGBTQ+ meetup for all sexuality groups hosted on February 21 and the final ‘Coming Out?’ party on February 24, will be very popular as they will bring everyone together as appose to the individual meetups.

“When I came out as a homosexual, I took it on board myself so I think the Coming Out party is important because I was alone and it made it more difficult but people can come along to this event and maybe talk to people about their experiences”

He added: “It will just be a good celebration of our community”.

Charlotte Kerrell, 19, is planning to attend the student union’s Lesbian meetup in celebration of LGBT History month on March 15. Below, Charlotte gives her view on the upcoming event:

This year, LGBT+ History month marks the 50th anniversary of the partial legalisation of male homosexuality in England and Wales.

The LGBT History month website states: “The overall aim of LGBT History month is to promote equality and diversity for the benefit of the public”.

Thomas said: “It’s so important that we celebrate LGBT+ History month to acknowledge not only the diversity of the students here who are part of this community but for the student union to host events to show that we embrace LGBT History.”

Click for more information, dates and times for the LGBT+ events held at Salford’s student union this month.

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