RUGBY League’s first gay player, Keegan Hirst, has been given support by the University of Salford’s Men’s team who hope more players will feel comfortable in their own sporting skin.

Keegan Hirst, 29, signed for Wakefield Trinity in August last year to play for the Super League team after coming out back in 2015.

He was the first professional rugby league player to do so, his revelation was applauded globally and he has gained support from fellow professionals and celebrities alike.

The sports star has appeared on Channel 4 dating show Celebrity First Dates following his announcement but he is now concentrating his efforts on the field and seems destined to make his Super League debut in the coming weeks.

When he steps out onto the field for Wakefield, Keegan Hirst will be making history and although he has spoken recently about the mental troubles he has faced in the past, the former Batley Bulldogs star is now happier than ever.

He wants more young men to feel comfortable enough with their sexuality that they can be honest about it and University of Salford’s Rugby League team have now given their support.

And they have also pointed people in the direction of campaign group Stonewall and their Rainbow Laces campaign which encourages sportsmen and women to embrace physical exercise regardless of their sexuality.

Team spokesman of the club, Paul Sproston, said: “As a team we respect his judgement to come out as gay. There are many campaigns now such are the Rainbow Laces campaign which helps people come out and be who they are.

“We believe rugby is an open and welcoming enough sport to encourage people to do so, and the respect each player has for each other differs it from other sports.”

The Wildcats’ next match is on 3rd March at St Helens starting 8 pm.

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