A SALFORD university student has had her work put on display inside a local Selfridges.

The sculpture is made from junk and unused materials and is part of the global ‘Material World’ campaign that Selfridges are a part of.

Dominique Doria, the artist that created the sculpture, included an unused mannequin, several disused light bulbs and a microphone in the piece of art.

Dominique's Sculpture in Selfridges

Victoria Barker, PR, said: “It’s part of an ongoing partnership with Selfridges… The whole class was commissioned to be a part of this global campaign. It’s a campaign to highlight how materialistic fashion can be.

“Selfridges came in, and they did this because we’re partners with them… They invited all the students on the course to kind of pitch an idea of how they would fill a glass box in a store.”

Selfridges were also quite generous when trying to help out the up and coming art students by offering placements.

Victoria added: “They came to us because of the partnership and the partnership means that students get two months’ placement with Selfridges, and as I understand it from speaking to the lecturer they’re quite hard to get, so yeah it’s quite a good partnership and we’re quite lucky to get it.”

It’s not only Dominique who has made her way into the Selfridges store via her art, in the future another student will be in the same position.

Victoria said: “Another student was also commissioned by Selfridges and what she’s done is she’s actually put together, with denim that was made quite a long time ago, what’s it’s like a big quilt. That’s not in the store yet, that’s going to be there in about a months’ time.”

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