The LGBT Foundation held the first event of the Bi Series last weekend.

The Bi Series is the first bi specific project that the LGBT Foundation has run and it consists of bi monthly events, on bi issues, for bi people.

The launch event, entitled ‘Our Forgotten History’ took place at the People’s History Museum, Manchester.

The event began with a talk from bi rights activist, Jen Yockney MBE, about the history of the bi rights movement from the 1980’s to the present day.

Mx Yockney, who came to Manchester in the early 1990’s, said: “I found that gay spaces weren’t that supportive if you were bi.”

The Bi Series Logo
The Bi Series Logo

The event was livestreamed on the LGBT Foundation Facebook page, where around 1600 people were watching.

Lily Huggins, LGBT Foundation Outreach Officer, said: “The talk went amazingly. We actually had to bring in more chairs.”

After the talk, guests were taken to an exhibit, which continued the theme of bi history.

This included a wall highlighting the stories of some well-known bi celebrities including, Olympic gold medallist, Nicola Adams, former Blue singer and actor, Duncan James and actor, Alan Cumming.

Hannah Bisley, a guest attending the event, said: “As a bisexual I find I don’t know a lot about our history because so much has been erased or not told.

Ms Bisley travelled from London to attend the event and said: “What I love about bi events and bi spaces is that they just re-energise me and inspire me to do more things.”

Guests enjoying the Bis of Colour wall
Guests enjoying the Bis of Colour wall

Guests were also invited to write about their own stories and experiences of bisexuality and attach them to a timeline which ran from the 1950’s to the present day.

Another part of the exhibit was a wall with quotes from bi people from black minority ethnic groups about the prejudice and discrimination they have faced due to their sexuality.

Of the launch, Ms Huggins, said: “Everyone has been very complimentary and just excited that this space exists.

“There’s so few bi spaces and to have a space at the People’s History Museum which is such an important location in Manchester, has made everyone really excited.”

The next Bi Series event will take place in April and is centred around de-stress and self-care.

Further events have already been planned, including, a healthy relationships workshop, a bi takeover during Manchester Pride; and Bi Creatives, an open mic night for bi performers.

More information about the Bi Series and how to get involved as a volunteer can be found on the LGBT Foundation website.

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