LOCAL Manchester band Cultures recently played in a gig supporting The Marsicans in Manchester last weekend.

The band, who consists of Josh Spivey, Tom Wood and Tom Deegan would be using this gig to promote their newest single, ‘Talk to me’.

Manchester band Cultures
New single ‘Talk to Me’

The gig took place at the Deaf Institute, a well-known Manchester venue that hosts many local and up and coming bands. It is a dark yet lively atmospheric bar which had plenty of local fans among the audience. Many students and friends of the Manchester band Cultures made their way down to the Deaf Institute ready for a Cultures set to liven up their Saturday night.

Before the gig, they had been working and promoting their new single, ‘Talk to me’ which was announced and released a day before the event at the Deaf Institute. The music video was completed and published and the track was signed up to Apple Music and Spotify soon after.

Listen to the bands new single here.

Building up to the gig, they were performing before two other warm up bands called the ‘Ravellas’ and the ‘Chadelics’ before the main event in ‘The Marsicans’.

Most of the audience felt keen and excited with the new track and were eager to ask the band promoters for the new track online. Their set began loud and lively as it always is when the Cultures play. They worked the stage confidently as they worked to engage the audience with the best possible start to the evening.

Tom Deegan, guitarist and Lead Vocalist of the band commented on the new track, “It is one of our best songs we’ve done and we are seriously hoping that this song can push us out there even more.”

Manchester band Cultures
Tom Deegan – Lead guitar and vocals

They then went on to play more well-known tracks such as Marlone and Ghost during their set. The audience were certainly starting to feel more excited for the evening ahead. It was a pleasure to see many of the audience actually starting to sing along to some of the songs as this helped the three band members play to their potential.

Tom also said, “We felt the gig was one of the strongest gigs we have ever played and it was nice to notice whilst playing people singing along.”

Cultures have played at many different venues across Manchester so far, predominantly around the Northern Quarter which include Dive NQ and The Soup Kitchen.

Manchester band Cultures will now look ahead to the forthcoming events and the new and exclusive tracks and music videos they will have to create.

They will also look ahead to future festivals in the summer and events that can help promote their new track to a much wider audience around Manchester.

Visit the bands Facebook page here or visit there website here.

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