dog participating in flyball
Carry On’s team in action at Crufts

Last weekend, the Carry On’s achieved victory, when they came third in the Crufts four day long flyball tournament.

CHESHIRE based flyball team, the Carry On’s, came third on Sunday in the Crufts competition based at the NEC in Birmingham.

The Carry On’s are formed out of 14 people and nearly 20 dogs of different breeds, all of whom contributed to the team’s success this year at the biggest dog show in the world.

The team managed to conquer against the Vocal Adrenaline team, and the Fearless Demonz, before losing to the Four Paw Flyers, and finishing in third place.

Crufts has been running for over 125 years, and have hosted a flyball competition ever since its beginning in 1990.

dog 2
another member of the team does his part

Dogs of all breeds, and teams from all over the country, are welcome to compete in flyball.

Flyball is a relay race, where four dogs have to work together to run and jump over four hurdles, jumping onto a springboard to release a ball, and carry the ball back along the hurdles, before another dog does the same.

Whichever team has all four dogs finish the course successfully first is the winner, and the sport works on a ‘best out of three’ basis.

The Carry On’s would like to thank their sponsors, Pool Farm Vets and Jo Thomas, who provide them with their training venue, for all their support when training for Crufts.

The team hope to compete again next year at Crufts, and will hopefully do even better.

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